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Abdullah Hussein Ali

Abdullah Hussein Ali

A comedian and a content maker in several YouTube, Instagram and tik tok programs, born in 2000, he lives in a conservative area called Jabalah in Babel Governorate and in his family is also reserved. Before Jan, my dream is to be a football player, but I changed this dream, which is to become famous and to be influential and people love me and pick up with me Pictures and in 2018, and after that, a YouTube channel was created and published, and the number of its followers reached 25 thousand, but I deleted it because of the ridicule I was subjected to from close people in my region and also some friends.

When I was young, I thought that I was working instead of studying and leaving it, and I was also mocked by the teachers in order to get a university student seat, but God helped me and guide me and I completed my studies and at the end of 2019 I decided that I would start from scratch in the following applications Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok and I started Tik Tok with followers 0 I spread my spontaneous daily life and people

followed me on my spontaneity and the way I spoke that they claim to be nice and from 0 followers and from criticism to 2 million subscribers with a verified and influential account in the middle and young generation and with lovers and People like to see me or meet him and then from 0 followers in the Insta to a million and a quarter, and then fulfill the dream, which was that I wish to get 100 thousand on YouTube and now a text of a million followers with a verified channel

And after a while I ran with famous personalities also to work with the Bashir Show program, but due to the circumstances surrounding me I was not able, and after a while I received an invitation to meet with the Voice of the Future Agency and the meeting also existed, and after that I received the invitation on the world IQ channel and then on the TV channel Samarra satellite channel, all of which won the admiration of the audience And a beautiful impression,

one of the most prominent Iraqi personalities that I love the artist Iyad Radi because my followers always resemble my voice and my behavior towards him, and I also love him and I hope he will work with him someday. The thing that people love most about him is frankness, lack of pretense, and improvisational comedy criticizing negative social situations. Among the followers, I call them the people of al-Qayrah, a year ago, I hope to board a plane, and I never imagined that I would travel or get followers or an audience, but with the grace of God, I tried the feeling of traveling that before the month I saw it impossible. I think that the world of social media changes a person as possible for worse or better because of obsession and I think Dreams are not impossible, but there are those who preserve and protect those dreams.

I think few young people in Iraq act freely and many young people have a lot of talents and it is possible Thanks to me, but customs and traditions govern them, and I can also be among them, but my mind expanded after I dared to take the step of entering the world of social media and follow my passion, and I think that young people are their goal to study, but I think that studying in Iraq is secondary, and that your passion, ambition, and other professions in which freedom are The first goal is possible

Name: Abdullah Hussein Ali
21 years old
Height: 180

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