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ADASI Unveils Armed Robotic Vehicle, Unmanned Ground Vehicles at IDEX 2021

ADASI Unveils Armed Robotic Vehicle, Unmanned Ground Vehicles at IDEX 2021
ADASI Unveils Armed Robotic Vehicle, Unmanned Ground Vehicles at IDEX 2021

ADASI Unveils Armed Robotic Vehicle, Unmanned Ground Vehicles at IDEX 2021

  • ADASI and NIMR collaborate on Vehicle Conversion: AJBAN ARV
  • Stealth SCORPIO-M UGV developed for Special Forces
  • SCORPIO-S UGV equipped with Modular Weapon Station to provide Tactical Flexibility

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 21 February 2021 – 

ADASI, a regional leader in autonomous systems and services, today unveils an armed robotic vehicle (ARV) and two new unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX), which takes place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre between 21-25 February.   

ADASI has collaborated with NIMR, its sister company within EDGE Group, to convert the AJBAN 440A armoured 4-door manned vehicle into an unmanned system called the AJBAN armed robotic vehicle (ARV).

The vehicle withstands small arms fire, artillery shell splinters and survives mine and improvised explosive device (IED) blasts, and has a payload capacity of 1,200kg.

Operated via a ground control station (GCS) with a communication range of 12km and endurance of up to eight hours, it can travel up to speeds of 50 km/h to support Armed Forces with greater firepower while ultimately reducing risk to soldier lives.

In addition, ADASI today launches mini- and small-UGVs, named SCORPIO-M and SCORPIO-S respectively, that are stealth in operation, with capability to climb slopes and stairs at a gradient of 40-45 degrees and communicate with the autonomous control station at a range of up to 3km. SCORPIO-M is lightweight and portable, with capacity to carry a payload of up to 10kg with endurance of up to two hours, while SCORPIO-S can carry a payload of up to 100kg, with endurance of up to six hours – additionally supporting a robotic arm extendable to 1m and equipped with a lightweight and innovative Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS).

Both UGVs were designed to support special force deployment, with the mini capable of intelligencesurveillancetarget acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) operations in open-air and indoor urban environments, and the small created for more tactical, dual day-night functionality.

H.E. Faisal Al Bannai, CEO and Managing Director of EDGE Group said: “The UGV market is rapidly evolving, with new levels of autonomy offering greater opportunities to support more complex missions.

Automation is a strategic priority for EDGE Group, and the launch of three autonomous systems by ADASI – with additional collaboration with NIMR, is testament to our collective focus, capability and determination.”      

The CEO of ADASI, Ali Al Yafei, commented: “ADASI is proud to be unveiling three new products at IDEX 2021 – the AJBAN 440A ARV in collaboration with our sister company NIMR, and the SCORPIO-M and SCORPIO-S which both provide tactical advantage and operational flexibility in contested environments, while principally protecting the lives of soldiers through the use of unmanned technologies.”        

Proliferation of unmanned system developments have proven that the industry is open to the growing potential of such platforms and the benefit that autonomous control offers armed forces.  

ADASI is part of the Platforms & Systems cluster of EDGE Group, an advanced technology group for defence and beyond, which ranks among the top 25 military suppliers in the world.


ADASI is the regional leader in autonomous systems and services, dedicated to offering holistic solutions – from the development and production of UAVs and UGVs to joint mission analysis and careful equipment acquisition.

As part of the Platforms and Systems cluster at EDGE, the company manufactures, operates and maintains next-generation unmanned systems for air, land and sea – capable of performing in a diverse range of demanding environments.

Leveraging advanced technologies to comply with the tactical demands of the future, ADASI aims to be a world leader in building a new generation of autonomous capabilities.

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EDGE is an advanced technology group established to develop agile, bold and disruptive solutions for defence and beyond. Enabling a secure future, it is dedicated to bringing innovative technologies and services to market with greater speed and efficiency. 

Consolidating over 25 entities and employing more than 13,000 brilliant minds, it offers expertise across five core clusters: Platforms & Systems, Missiles & Weapons, Cyber Defence, Electronic Warfare & Intelligence and Mission Support.  

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, EDGE is a catalyst for change – set to revolutionise the industry and change its fundamentals.

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