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Almasati by Hiba Jaber Unveils Mother’s Day Capsule Collection – Like a Diamond

Almasati by Hiba Jaber
Almasati by Hiba Jaber

Motherhood is a journey filled with both joyous moments and difficult challenges. It requires patience, perseverance, and an unbreakable spirit – much like the process of creating diamonds. Diamonds are formed under immense pressure, and it’s that pressure that gives them their remarkable strength and beauty. 

Similarly, the pressure of motherhood shapes women into the incredible mothers they are today. It’s the sleepless nights, the endless responsibilities, and the constant balancing act of work and family that refine a mother’s character and make her shine like a diamond. 

“I designed this for a friend who had just recently become a mother, and she was going through a very hard time adjusting to the new norm. I wanted the jewelry piece to be so simple, easy to wear and to be a reminder that, sometimes extreme pressure and hardship result in magical beauty. I also added a special note on the gift that said: hang in there, and you will shine like a diamond, when I gave it to her, it made her tear up” – comments Hiba Jaber, Founder of Almasati. 

The collection features a variety of fancy-cut diamonds because mothers are all different, there are those who are mothers to one or more than one, others who are like God Mothers, and those who dream of being mothers. This collection embodies a simplistic and effortless aesthetic as a simple reminder that no matter how tough her days may be, she will shine ‘like a diamond’. 

Almasati by Hiba Jaber

This Mother’s Day let’s celebrate the incredible strength and resilience of mothers everywhere and honor the beautiful diamonds that they are. Just like diamonds, mothers are precious, strong, and enduring, and we are all fortunate to have them in our lives. So, take a moment to appreciate the diamond-like qualities of the mothers in your life, and let’s all give them the recognition and gratitude they deserve.  

The chainrings are available in a variety of fancy cut shapes, Ascher, princess, heart, oval, emerald, pear, and marquise all sent in 19k white gold. The price is 940$, available to shop directly from 

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