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Kalipada Ghosh

Who is there sobbing ?
Whispering into my ears
In the shrouded foggy dusk
to the bewitching night.
A far cry to seek
I know not
Perhaps a woman sobbing.
I looked around
No trace of her appearance
I am at a loss
What to do.
The moon overhead
Flooding the earth
flooding the round verandah
Kissing the little Mom and her mother in bed through the window
sleeping in dreamy slumber.
A sweet fragrance of jesmine and night queen
Pervading the atmosphere.

I went to the down stairs and opened the front door .

To my utter surprise
An apparition approaching
towards me with a mesmerizing look
Sobbing, a mysterious figure half-hidden
with black curly hair
and dazzling eyes.
Some what got frightened
I was wondering what to do
The watch dogs began barking
The hoot of an owl
The crickets’ call
A gust of wind blowing.

Terrified and quivering
She clasped my hand
and began dragging.
I was reluctant to accompany.
I began squealing
Echoing my bedroom.

A spark through my body
A electric shock
Unconscious, I fell to the ground and swooned.

All rights reserved@ KALIPADA GHOSH, WB, INDIA

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