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Colin ” Fame” Faiella is an Artist, Rapper, DJ, Producer, Beat maker, and Graphic designer”

Fame Faiella
Fame Faiella

Colin ” FameFaiella is an Artist, Rapper, DJ, Producer, Beat maker, and Graphic designer.

Born and raised in Cape Coral, Florida, Fame Faiella has been around music throughout his life.

He went from performing in talent shows and dancing with his high school hip-hop team, to throwing  shows and concerts for his local music scene to performing at venues around the U.S. with numerous musical icons.

He is the protégé of the late Fresh Kid Ice co-founder of the legendary 2 Live Crew, and released digitally some of his early singles on his label Chinaman Records.

Specializing in Hip-Hop, EDM, Trap, and Top 40 music, Fame continues to perform nationwide , help others on there journey and releases music on a regular basis.

Fame Faiella was recently featured on a Time Square Billboard as well as Released 3 International songs.

Vibes Featuring Lizan Dizaye , Break Necks featuring Kaoru , Mylo & The Fish House and Trendsetter with MC Nikhil wich combined has already reached over 3 Million streams on all platforms.

Fame Faiella in the past few Months has walked out 3  Fighters on Celebrity Boxing.

Young Ceo & Hazel Roche, Angel Garcia  wich was broadcasted on PPV & Fitetv creating both Fighters original themes and walk outs.

it is Rumored that Fame Faiella has created the main theme for Celebrity Boxing Ceo Damon Feldman for his upcoming Documentary on his life story. 

stay tuned for what’s next for Fame Faiella and check out his Music , Shows , Photos and more at

Fame Faiella
Fame Faiella
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