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David Serero: the artist who reinvents opera

Article By :Amine Azhar

David Serero
David Serero

David Serero is an all-round artist who started out in musical theatre before turning to opera. Since then, he has become one of the world’s leading baritones, working with such prestigious institutions.

He created the Opera Royal du Maroc, Royal Opera of Morocco, the first national opera company of Morocco which opened last November 2022 in Casablanca. 

His passion for opera has led him to create breathtaking opera productions that combine music, theatre and technology.

Among his most notable achievements are his version of The Merchant of Venice with ladino music and a production of Othello, adapted in a Moroccan style.

These innovative productions have received critical acclaim for their creativity and ability to tell stories in an engaging way.

But David Serero is not content to simply sing traditional opera. He uses his creativity to explore new avenues for the art form, tuning modern and innovative adaptations of some of the most famous operas.

As a director and producer, he offers spectacular productions that have captivated audiences, drawing new audiences to this fascinating art form.
In addition to his dedication to opera, David Serero is also passionate about promoting the culture of his home country, Morocco.

He wishes to inculcate opera into the Moroccan musical identity, using his talent and fame to inspire a new generation of musicians to explore this fascinating art.

He is regularly invited to perform in Morocco, where he is considered an ambassador for opera.

For David Serero, his love for Morocco is deeply rooted in his person. He is proud of his Moroccan roots and uses his art to promote the culture and identity of his home country.

His exceptional career, from Paris to New York, is an inspiring example for all young artists seeking to break into the world of opera.

Ultimately, David Serero is a passionate and transmitting artist who has made a significant contribution to the opera industry.

His innovation and desire to share opera with the world has inspired many other artists to explore this fascinating art form and make it more accessible to a wider audience.

And his love for Morocco is an inspiration to all those who seek to celebrate their cultural heritage while exploring new artistic horizons.In short, David Serero is a complete artist, opera singer, producer and director, who reinvents opera and inspires

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