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Exclusive interview with Supermodel Antonella Dell’agnolo

Creative report: Asem hegazy head of global content

Exclusive interview with Supermodel
Antonella Dell'agnolo
Exclusive interview with Supermodel
Antonella Dell’agnolo

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions about your life

Its my pleasure

How does it feel to see yourself on the cover of the Buzz magazine for ?the first time

It is a great honour for me and I am very proud and happy to have been chosen

?What does the magazine mean to you

It means a point of arrival and at the same time a starting point for new stimuli. Rich of content, interesting and different

What is your favorite photographer and what is it like to shoot with ?him

In the last few years I have taken with many photographers, all very good

But my favorite .photographer is my husband (Giorgio Pedrotti), who knows me more than any other and loves, like me, unusual and unique photo sets as a setting

For example, immersed in nature, in the high
mountains, in forgotten places that are difficult to reach

?Has your perception of the modelling industry changed over time

I really liked the fashion industry when I was young, but even more so now because it uses innovative
technological supports

?Describe your perfect day of when you are not modelling

When I’m not working in my gym or at the pool, I love walking in the mountains, in the company of my husband and friends, relaxing in the magnificent natural contexts of my region

I often go in
search of original places in my region to design future photo sets

?What is your beauty routine

In the morning I get up and practice half an hour of yoga. I take great care of my nutrition, I do a lot of sports, I go weekly to the beautician for anti-aging facial and body treatments and toning and
relaxing massages

?What do you do to stay in shape

For me it is not difficult because being a personal trainer and swimming instructor I am daily in the gym or in the pool. I also do swimming at a competitive level. In
addition, as mentioned, I am very
attentive to my diet: I try to feed myself well with simple and healthy foods of safe origin

?What is your go-to outfit for daytime? And evening

During the day I dress in a very sporty way, with jeans or very comfortable clothes

In the evening, if I have a party or a meeting, I take great care of the clothing and change clothes at every opportunity
I prefer long colored dresses with matching accessories, to which I add a particular jewel. When I
wear in black I always wear colorful and particular footwear

?How do you perceive Parisian style

Name 3 things on your bucket list
An important fashion show in a foreign country, a photo shoot for an original and exclusive project,a contract with a fashion brand

Where were you born and what are your 3 favorite places in the ?country

I was born in Italy, in Trento. My favorite places in my country are Venice, Rome, Florence for all the great history that these cities tell. Visiting these cities is like
opening an encyclopedia of history and
art. Italy is all an open-air museum

?If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be

In Paris, because it is always a very stimulating city

I love the culture French, being able to immerse myself in Parisian art, walk around the city without a precise destination discovering from time to time many small treasures

I speak the French so I feel at home here. Also in Paris I found some job opportunities. Unlike In Italy, models over are more in demand abroad

?Which three songs are you listening to on repeat at the moment

“Come together” – Beatles, “Mi ritorni in mente” – Lucio Battisti, “L’immensità” – Mina

?Is there a film that has stayed with you

“First Knight” with Richard Gere and Sean Connery

?A book to read before bed

“The portrait of Dorian Gray”, by Oscar Wilde

?Which three Instagram accounts should be following

“fashionweek” – “dellagnoloantonella” – “fashionweekparisny”

?What does art mean to you

Art is the expression of the soul and is the highest form of relationship between human beings

It’s emotion, feeling, it’s all that gives a greater meaning to our lives

?What is your relationship with photography

Since I was a child I have always loved to be photographed: I waited for every party, every ceremony to be able to pose

This passion has continued over the years and after participating in beauty contests I started working as a model. For me, a photo shoot is still a moment of pleasure
and joy

I think it is a timeless, eclectic and versatile style, which satisfies women of all ages and tastes

?Do you collect anything

I have a great passion for hairy bears. But now I have to stop buying because I have the full house

?Do you have a secret talent

I have written and written many poems, some of which have been published

?What is your favorite season

Definitely winter

I love to relax in nature, especially in the mountains, and the snow for me makes the whole environment more magical and serene

Walking in the snow, especially in lonely places, I regenerate psychologically and every time I discover different sensations that excite me

?Is there a particular gift you like to give

When I have the opportunity to give a gift and I do not have a precise idea of what would be appreciated I prefer to give a good book

I believe that reading is the best way to keep our brains alive and to develop imagination and imagination, which are indispensable for a creative life

?Your favorite drink


?What is your favorite food


?A restaurant you like to share with others

“Le soufflè” in Paris
A guilty pleasure
Chocolate. Sometimes I can’t resist….

?If you could go back to the past, is there anything you would change

Honestly not

Everything I’ve done has led me to become who I am and that satisfies me, so I wouldn’t want to change anything

?What is your mantra

The Latin saying “gutta cavat lapidem”, the drop digs the stone

?Any last words you’d like to add

I want to thank the magazine “the buzz” and dear friend Asem Hegazy HEAD OF GLOBAL CONTACT for this interview

I am honored and happy. The best gifts are the ones you don’t expect

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this interview

Well, thank you for your time. You were terrific

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