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FORTE CLOUD Is Excited to Announce the Second Edition of CLOUDTECH SUMMIT 2023, Providing A Bold and Insightful Look into the Cloud and Digital Transformation Future in Egypt


On Tuesday, September 19th, Egypt is set to experience a significant technological summit in the area of technology and cloud computing as the second edition of the CLOUDTECH SUMMIT commences. The conference aims to showcase successful experiences in this field and highlight the future of cloud technology in Egypt.

The conference will be attended by a select group of experts and speakers, including Engineer Abdelrahman Elposhi, CEO of FORTE CLOUD, Dr. Azza El-Shennawy, Head of Egypt and North Africa at Amazon Web Services, and Dr. Ahmed Khattab, Director of the National Telecommunications Institute, in addition to various experts, specialists, and representatives from companies operating in the cloud technology sector. This conference is organized by FORTE CLOUD, the strategic partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Egypt, North Africa, and the Middle East, and it is sponsored by major companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Trend Micro, AMD, OpenText, and Genesys.

In addition to the main sponsors, a group of innovative startups are participating in the conference. They aim to provide innovative solutions in the fields of technology using services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). By participating in the conference, participants can explore new innovations and connect with the creators of these emerging companies, which play a crucial role in shaping the future of technology in Egypt.

The conference targets all sectors in Egypt, from government, public sector, and large corporations to startups, spanning 17+ different verticals and industries, including, media, petroleum, real estate, construction, retail, electronics, telecommunications, education, healthcare, and more.

The organizing entity, “FORTE CLOUD,” has opened registration for the conference through its website []. The conference will feature 14 sessions and panel discussions that cover a wide range of topics. These include the latest trends and insights in cloud computing technology, how startups, private and public sectors can maximize their investment in cloud technology, and how the cloud technology is aimed at reducing costs while ensuring the security of diverse data that organizations in various fields rely on.

The conference’s main objective is to empower companies in their digital transformation journey by utilizing cloud services, all while protecting their valuable data and information. Participants will have the opportunity to explore over 200 different services provided by AWS, backed by their strategic partner, FORTE CLOUD.

This will help organizations gain a better understanding of the comprehensive solutions that AWS provides, allowing them to open new avenues for innovation and enhance their operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the conference seeks to open new horizons for employment opportunities in the technology and cloud computing field, providing a unique platform for experts and enthusiasts to explore the latest trends and innovations, and offering job opportunities for those seeking new careers in this thriving sector.

The conference is expected to provide valuable insights into maintaining the security and safety of data, preventing information breaches, and detecting malicious software within SAP systems.

As well as discussions aim to enhance business capabilities and offer secure, scalable, and trusted cloud solutions to companies that rely on SAP software solutions.

It’s worth mentioning that “FORTE CLOUD” is an AWS Advanced Services partner that serves many customers in Egypt and beyond, including United Company for Pharmacists, Hyperone, Hassan Allam Holding, and Qalaa Holdings.

The company operates in Egypt and abroad in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and contributes to the implementation of Egypt’s 2030 vision for sustainable development.

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