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From Kuwait to Egypt .. Learn about the “smart it network” offers in “Hala February 2021” 

From Kuwait to Egypt .. Learn about the "smart it network" offers in "Hala February 2021" 
From Kuwait to Egypt .. Learn about the “smart it network” offers in “Hala February 2021” 

When you hear “Hala February”, you would like to travel to Kuwait to attend its activities there, but this year you can travel there while you are at your place, so the “Smart Information Technology Network” provides everything related to the field of lighting.

The current devices and services, as part of a campaign entitled “Hala February”, for the first time in Egypt, after its launch years ago in the sisterly State of Kuwait.

Therefore, the company decided to provide a large campaign that includes lower prices than the market, and so that the user gets high quality and low prices as a result. The bad internet services that almost everyone suffers from is caused by hardware malfunctions. 

M. Ahmed Jad, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Smart IT Network, stated that the company is providing strong offers in the field of light current devices and services within the “Hala February” campaign for the first time. In Egypt, after its launch years ago in the sisterly State of Kuwait. “. 

He continued: “As a result of the recession in the markets, the company decided to provide great competitive offers, including lower prices, to move the markets again, as well as enable consumers to obtain high quality at low prices due to poor internet services”. 

He added, “The company cooperates with many certified companies that the public knows and deals with on an ongoing basis to gain their confidence when purchasing, and the most important of these companies are TP-link, Tenda, D-Link, Linksys, Cisco and Gad.

Added at much lower prices than all distributors.” Online “. 

He concluded: The company’s policy during selling is based on providing the highest quality at the lowest prices in the market, and aspires to move the wheel of sale and increase customers to achieve good market standards, and most importantly, gain the customer’s confidence.

And it makes him buy devices suitable for the size of his organization or its users in the network world. After-sales service “Hala February 2021”, discounts of up to 15% during the best festival in Egypt for light current devices and services. 

Smart-IT is a provider of information and communication technology solutions and services.

Assists clients in planning, building, improving and supporting their critical information technology infrastructure.

In addition to providing solutions and advisory services to help you grow.

Smart IT started in 2009 and since then the company has pledged to provide sweet and value-added services in the field of information technology by providing various solutions in all technical fields.

It is considered the best company for information technology, communication, infrastructure solutions and light stream for companies in terms of growth, quality and innovation by adhering to best practices and industry methodologies and helping customers grow their business by reducing total operating costs.

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