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Get Ramadan Ready with rite. Your Healthy Ritual

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Get Ramadan Ready with rite. Your Healthy Ritual
Get Ramadan Ready with rite. Your Healthy Ritual

The Holy Month of Ramadan is here, which is a time of spiritual reflection and self-improvement for many individuals, it’s also the time of the year when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk for over 14 hours

One of the common challenges that we deal with during fasting is tiredness due to not having enough healthy nutrients in our body, which can cause headaches and hunger

There can also be digestive issues, bloating, constipation and bowel pains due to stomach disorientation

This is when the intake of vitamins, superfood ingredients and minerals become vital, to ensure that you are fuelling your body to keep yourself energised from Suhoor until Iftar

rite. is a premium and plant-based daily supplement that will help you reach your well-being goals efficiently, while enjoying the delicious taste of gummies

rite. will provide your body with optimal efficiency and nutrients during Ramadan and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle with 100% vegan and healthy vitamins

rite. vitamins will support your body in boosting your energy level, strengthening your immune system or ensuring a good digestion – you can take it as your new healthy ritual and as you will be missing your daily vitamins provided by food when fasting, the Energy and Slim gummies will replace them

They work well in combination to maintain your daily nutrients needs and help fulfil your health goals while you fast to achieve a balance nutrition

The Energy gummies can provide you with optimal effect and give you a boost before your day starts

They are designed to help you fight fatigue during the day and can be taken during your pre-dawn breakfast meal. They are combined with powerful ingredients such as Acerola, Ginseng, Guarana for

immune support and an energy boost. The Slim gummies can be eaten during Iftar or just after Suhour that will help you to have a better digestion, detoxify and help to control appetite

The formula is to ensure a healthy digestion and the best addition to any dietary regime, designed to maximize the effect to support your daily needs

The vitamins all contain natural colours flavours and are derived from natural fruits, vegetables and plants, there are no chemicals and sweeteners in the products

You can order the Starter Set for Ramadan at AED 278 that includes the Energy and Slim together as they work well in combination to support your daily nutrients needs

You can purchase your rite. gummies on, it can be shipped to the entire UAE and will be delivered to you within two business days from the date of order

Happy Fasting with rite

: rite

rite. is a new brand that specialises in clean gummy vitamins for adults. The concept was developed in Dubai by two friends Guillaume and Sebastien, then developed alongside pharmacist and nutritionist experts in a certified laboratory in France

The delicious vitamin gummies are 100% vegan, made with fruit pectin, natural flavours and reduced in sugar

The mission of the brand is to change the way we think about vitamins and make having our daily vitamins a fun, delicious and healthy experience

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