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J.Lo Pairs Emerald Green Sweat pants with a Sleek Black Birkin Bag in Beverly Hills

بدأ الشتاء يظهر نفسه هنا ، كيف الحال هناك ، هل الجو بارد؟
J.Lo Pairs Emerald Green Sweatpants with a Sleek Black Birkin Bag in Beverly Hills

While 2020 has been a major washout for most of us, Jennifer Lopez has proven that it’s still possible to look stylish during lockdown.

While most of us have succumbed to wearing pajamas on a daily basis,

J.Lo has displayed a plethora of chic looks, which will hopefully inspire us to dress up more regularly in 2021.

Earlier this week, the “In the Morning” singer wowed fans by wearing a dusty pink silk shirt and matching pants, along with a blush pink wool coat.

But Lopez has also demonstrated some seriously comfortable dressing throughout the pandemic

, from wearing sweatpants to dinner to hitting the gym in leggings while carrying a casual, $100,000, Hermès Himalayan crocodile Birkin bag.

For her latest outfit, the JLo Beauty founder donned dark green sweatpants and a matching hoodie, and wore her trusty green-and-white Jordan sneakers.

She also showed off a crisp white manicure, and carried a sleek black Birkin bag for the outing. As usual, Lopez kept a face mask on throughout the visit.

In October, Lopez spoke about her experience breaking into the entertainment industry. During Billboard Latin Week, she revealed (per The Hollywood Reporter), “I never wanted to be put in a box.

I wanted to always be a person.

Look at me like I’m a person.

Don’t look at me like I’m one type of person, like I’m just a Latin girl over here and I can only do these things.

No, I can do anything.”

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