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MAST Consulting Group launches RIAA, brings full-suite employee empowerment solutions to the retail industry

MAST Consulting Group launches RIAA, brings full-suite employee empowerment solutions to the retail industry

RIAA – Retail Intelligence and Analytics App – is MAST Consulting’s one-stop shop for training, technology, and tools, aimed at empowering retail employees, whose performance and productivity are inextricably tied to brands’ customer experience and bottom lines.

October 17th, Dubai, UAE: Homegrown start-up Mast Consulting, part of the MAST Consulting Group, has announced the launch of its full-suite employee empowerment and retail experience solution – RIAA – the Retail Intelligence and Analytics App. This innovative solutions suite is designed to empower retail employees and unlock higher performance outcomes, by creating connected digital experiences, and developing strong digital trust with customers.

The launch of RIAA coincides with a juncture marked by increased digitalization, which necessitates upskilling and high digital dexterity.

For customer-facing brands, employee empowerment has become the first order of business to navigate the new normal, deliver superior CX, and differentiate their products and services.

Broadly, RIAA constitutes a web portal to manage teams, create and assign tasks; a mobile app called Agent Powerhouse, to proactively manage sales and operations, guide and support agents, and audit and evaluate instantly; and Web Data and Analytics, to derive actionable insights and create customer reports, among other critical functions.

“With RIAA, we are creating a robust retail ecosystem that not only empowers the frontline staff but back-office staff like marketers, UI designers, etc., as well.

This feature-packed solution suite will give brands a holistic view of critical, employee-facing functions across the retail value chain.

And in doing so, RIAA will help brands empower employees, and maximize their productivity,” said Abhay Pandey, Founder and CEO of the Mast Consulting Group.

Various recent studies have substantiated the need for employee upskilling. A notable study found that 46% of customers will abandon a brand, if employees are not knowledgeable.

However, only 30% of brands were found to be upskilling their employees.

In response to this sub-optimal status quo, RIAA is gamifying front-office employees’ skilling and digital experiences, enabling them to effectively communicate with other teams, reduce silos, and take charge of customers’ retail journeys.

Abhay Pandey – Founder MAST Consulting Group, CEO MAST Consulting“Managers can utilize RIAA for effective scheduling and task management, deriving data-driven insights for subsequent strategizing, and creating a workplace culture of utmost accountability, transparency, and empowerment.

This culture of employee empowerment translates to positive performances and successful implementation of CX strategies,” added Abhay, explaining MAST Consulting’s unique value proposition.

The comprehensive features of the RIAA solution suite include, but are not limited to: FIELD Management, which optimizes all retail field functions; Market Intel, which captures daily activities, customer feedback, allows employees to transmit information, etc.; Task Manager engine to assign and manage duties, set targets, and get reports; SUPPLIER Management to manage inventory, instantly communicate with suppliers, place orders, etc.; Web Analytics to collect data and leverage employees’ direct experience to optimize routes, routine functions, etc.; and Media+ to instantly share and manage files and content.

In addition, RIAA harnesses AI and automation, to optimize repetitive work and a range of critical, internet-facing functions.

The open API nature of the platform offers flexibility and seamless third-party integration, to accommodate future changes and strategies, in line with the ever-evolving digitalization and CX landscape, in the retail industry.

Unlike standalone solutions, which are geared towards certain departments and functions, MAST Consulting’s RIAA is poised to drive holistic efficiencies across the value chain, while empowering employees at every turn.

At a time when the focus on employee experience (EX) is at par with, if not greater than, CX; the launch of RIAA is both timely and consequential, bearing the promise of a new data-driven growth phase in the retail industry.

MAST Consulting and MAST Consulting Group

A profitable home-grown UAE start-up, with a global footprint, MAST Consulting is a technology advisory and consulting firm headquartered in the UAE, with unique expertise in driving the end-to-end digital transformation of businesses, across sectors. With over 100 clients in the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, and Africa, and over 80 years of cumulative global experience, MAST Consulting brings best practices from the consulting and the technology world under one umbrella.

The company’s client portfolio includes an impressive list of market leaders, namely Panasonic, Hitachi, DIFC, Al Futtaim, Dubai Holding and Danube, among others.

MAST Consulting services are crafted to offer Consulting and Advisory Services on Critical Infrastructure and Risk associated functions of the organization, with their service coverage area starting right from IT Infrastructure all the way to Data Center, Business Application and a secure computing environment. The company offers end-to-end solutions to enterprises focused on Digital Transformation , Customer Experience, Enterprise Risk management (People, Process & Technology), Data Center Infrastructure (distributed and hybrid), Cloud adoption, Sustainability governance and more.

The USP of MAST Consulting lies in its ability to help businesses from Concept to Realization – all the way from providing a roadmap to businesses for their digital transformation journey to assisting those that require further support by recommending third party vendors and solutions, as well as helping with the implementation of those solutions. The Services division supports the Consulting practice with managed services, resource augmentation services, strategy, marketing, and advanced analytics, across all major industry verticals.

The company is now also looking to integrate AI-led insights and automation into their solutions, along with launching tech-led convenience services in the B2C and B2B space in the form of MAST DigitALL, MAST B2B, MAST Connect as well as an Insights division.

MAST Consulting is a part of the MAST Consulting Group, a UAE-based holding company comprising MAST Consulting, MAS Tech General Trading LLC and MAST Advisory Services, together offering a gamut of services, from consulting to system integration as well as feasibility advisory.

Across industries like automotive, healthcare, construction, FMCG, trading, hospitality, F&B, and more, the MAST Consulting Group of Companies offer quick and effective solutions to enterprises for their varied needs, ranging from resource optimization to identifying and plugging revenue leakage sources; from modernization of the business to driving optimum ROI and result.

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