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There’s no better reason to share a box of bite size indulgence

There’s no better reason to share a box of bite size indulgence

There’s no better reason to share a box of bite size indulgence

Looking for the moon as well as a way to treat the ones you love this Eid? Look no further! Sugargram, Dubai’s favourite gifting concept has ensured this Eid is extra special for you and your family

The Sugargram Eid bite size cupcake box is priced at AED125 and is sure to be a treat to more senses than one! The bite size goodies from Itty Bitty Cupcake City come packed in a box with a pop-out window that wishes you Eid Mubarak like no other! Celebrate Eid by exchanging sweet treats from Sugargram, made with love to be shared with close friends and family

Sugargram Flavour of the Month

Similar to Elle Woods’ resume, these cupcakes smell just as amazing as they taste. This May, Sugargram have launched their cupcake flavour of the month in a delicious blend of chocolate and peanut butter cupcake, topped with the cutest mini Reese’s peanut butter cups

This beauty has been appropriately named Reese Witherspoon. This cupcake doesn’t have to bend or snap to grab your attention. Have any other cupcake this May? I object!

Sugargram Mega Cakes

If you want to go big this season, Sugargram have designed special Cake Toppers for the two big cakes they already offer. Pick from a choice of Chocolate Balr and Killa Vanilla, both filled with fun surprises that will be the centre of attention at any gathering

The Sugargram Chocolate Balr cake is made up of five layers of most chocolate sponge and frosted with smooth ganache, topped with bite size triple chocolate “Fudge Judy” cupcakes. When this chocolatey beauty is sliced, onlookers are pleasantly greeted with a centre filled with chocolate balls gently dusted with gold

This cake is made with true chocoholics in mind! The Killa Vanilla, is a classic vanilla cake in the colours of the rainbow, layered with creamy buttercream frosting coating every layer of sponge

If that wasn’t enough, this delicious cake comes with a centre filled with sweet surprises, with Wonka-esque candy and sprinkles – this cake is guaranteed to be the highlight at any celebration

Sugargram Cookies
Sugargram Cookies

Sugargram Cookies

If cakes ain’t your thang, we still got you covered for Eid treats! Sugargram’s assorted cookies are a delight for everyone – whether you gift them to honor a friend-chip, or a relation-chip! Ranging from chocolate, red velvet and s’mores to name a few, these goodies come in the prettiest cookie-caddy you could imagine

If that wasn’t sweet enough, the caddy is dressed up for Eid with quotes and sayings all around to make your heart melt. With cookies this good, we wish everyday was cheat day – Eid is what Eid is!

The Sugargram cakes are priced at AED 225 and come beautifully packaged in a pink exploding box

The Sugargram Eid boxes are priced at 125 AED for 25 bite-size cupcakes and the box is filled with an assortment of flavours that will be a sure treat for your tastebuds

The Cookie Papi is priced at AED 115 for an assortment of 8 cookies

Sugargrammers can order online via Deliveroo or on Chatfood across Dubai and Sharjah.

Find Sugargram
Find Sugargram

Find Sugargram


Fact Box

Brand: Sugargram

Items: Eid cupcakes & cakes

Prices: Cupcakes: AED 125 / Cakes: AED 225

Availability: ChatFood & Deliveroo

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