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The BoF Podcast: Huda Kattan: ‘Being Different Challenges Norms, but Different Is Brilliant’

The face behind Huda Beauty announces a podcast in the works for the first time. The beauty blogger was speaking at the World of Fashion held at the Mall of the Emirates.

The BoF Podcast: Huda Kattan: 'Being Different Challenges Norms, but Different Is Brilliant'
The BoF Podcast: Huda Kattan: ‘Being Different Challenges Norms, but Different Is Brilliant’

Not content with a billion-dollar beauty business, Huda Kattan has recently revealed she has her eye on the podcasting space.

“This is the first time I’ve said this out loud, I am dreaming of launching a podcast, my goal is to launch it by next year or early next year.

I am not saying this is definite yet but since I’ve connected with myself I want to make sure it’s something where I don’t put too much pressure on myself.

It’s become really popular and all the trials, tribulations and struggle that I went through I feel like part of my purpose is sharing those stories.

Maybe it won’t have anything to do with products or the brand but create a sisterhood through the podcast.”

Speaking at the World of Fashion event, held at Mall of Emirates in Dubai, Huda shared her dream of launching a podcast and how her rise to the top hasn’t been without its challenges, especially during 2020.

The star talked openly about how she had to take a step back from spending so much time online and how she is now reaping the benefits of a digital detox.

“I actually took a break and disconnected from social media, didn’t really post a lot of personal things, because I didn’t want to feel the pressure of having to perform in front of the camera which requires me to be present on so many levels.


I just needed to take a break as it’s been 10 years since I’ve been doing this. I needed to reevaluate my purpose and the reason why I’m here, so I could be a better leader, mother and person all around.”

For somebody who seems to have it all in check, the beauty icon explained how the pandemic affected her personally, “Lockdown has been really crazy, COVID-19 alone has been so scary,” she admitted. “I definitely went through my own journey through this, trying to connect with myself and reconnect with who I am and why I am in the beauty industry,” she continued.

“At the same time, felt like I had to lead for my team, my company and my community.

It was one of the hardest thing or still is one of the hardest things that we all are going through and still struggle with wanting to go back to the office but if one person gets sick then we go back so many steps. It’s been very difficult.”

The driving force behind beauty phenomenon Huda Beauty then revealed how she struggled with personal development en route to becoming a global icon where she explained her biggest failure, proudest moment and when she first realised the transformative powers of beauty, “We fail a little bit every single day and we also succeed a little bit, we need to embrace it and that’s ok.

I think my biggest failure is probably self-doubt. The times that I have taken that little bit of chance and gone forward with things have been the biggest pay offs for our company, team and myself.

I probably could do a little bit more of that.

” She continued, “The sacrifices I go through being a mother and a leader, being Noura’s mom would definitely be the proudest moments of juggling my business and life.”

On discovering make-up artistry was her super power, Kattan added, “I fell in love with make-up hard, couldn’t live without it when by the time I was 12, which was really young back in the day, when parents used to thing that only naughty girls wear so much make-up. 

I started to understand the transformative powers a little bit after that as I started to feel accepted, my self-worth went up and at the time it was the tool that gave me acceptance.

And now I know it’s so much more than that and I am now also ok without it as well.

I’ve seen first-hand how much power and how transformative beauty can have and it can make people feel more confident.”

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