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The Path to Success in Business and Finance … Interview with Businessman Hamada Elsaeed

Many individuals in the community seek to participate in the field of business, which is a significant area in the modern economy, especially with the increase in economic developments that have dominated various sectors of business, whether commercial or a type of traditional crafts.

In this context, Egyptian businessman Hamada Elsaeed stressed that the success of any individual in the field of business requires the superiority of personal skills that make him able to work effectively in this field, with the need to have adequate experience in the business sector in which he will be present.

Hamada pointed out the necessity to make excellence the fundamental goal of the business, where the businessman is successful when he is keen to think constantly and carry out the work using a distinct strategic method, he must always be ready to excel in his work.

Besides, Hamada mentioned the importance of enhancing self-confidence, a successful businessman trusts himself and knows well the extent of his ability to achieve success, by maintaining his strengths to achieve his dreams in the field of business.

Elsaeed also highlighted the necessity of continuously seeking to learn from circumstances and experiences, whether they have positive or negative results while paying attention to continuous professional development.

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