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Want to wake up with fresh, bright eyes every morning? The answer might be easier than you think.

If dark circles have been haunting you for years, it’s time you say goodybe to the constant struggle and welcome smooth and radiant skin. We’re taking to rescue with the most effective treatments and natural remedies.

Open Your Fridge

Head to the kitchen for some of the most effective beauty grabs, starting with good old cucumber slices.

Cucumber’s high water content moisturises the eyes while folic acid stimulates new cell growth. Cucumbers also contain powerful flavonoids, which help reduce any irritation.

For something even more low-maintance, pop chilled tea bags under your eyes, which soak the thin skin in caffeine, constricting blood vessels.

To create your own glowy Vitamin C concoction, mix orange juice with a few drops of glycerin.

Apply to your under-eye area with a soaked-in cotton pad. The combo will instantly make you look radiant and moisturized. 

2. De-puff

For puffy eyes, place two spoons in the freezer, then apply gentle pressure, just like a cold compress.

Regularly reaching for a jade, or rose quartz rollers also works wonders – by helping the circulation of your face, water retention and pigments are reduced. 

3. What’s on your plate

Nutrition is key. Some dark circles are caused by certain food intolarances, including mustard and nuts, so it’s best you check yourself for any possible allergies. Blue veins are also more visible if you’re running low on iron and B12, causing poor oxygenation.

Check your levels, then supplement if you need to. Lastly, start getting in greens: brussels sprouts, spinach, broccoli and any green leafy veggie containing vitamin K – an important nutrient for blood circulation – will work wonders. 

4. Beauty Sleep (Duh)

Obvious, right? Getting proper sleep is important for many reasons, from healthy brain function, to – you guessed it – decreasing dark circles. To catch Zs faster, dim the lights and put your phone down (as much as possible).

The blue light emitted from your screen can disturb sleep so try reading a book or listen to a guided meditation in bed instead, preparing your body for a calming, good night’s rest.

5. Quick Fix: Eye patches 

If you’re in need of an immediate boost, pack on a quick 5 to 10 minute eye mask.

Instantly brightening, doing a mask regularly will also benefit you in the long-term.

Plus, isn’t it relaxing? Look for ingredients, such as Vitamin C, which brightens skin tone and helps the production of collagen; peptides, which prevent capillary leakage by tightening skin tissues; and chrysin, a flavone from passion flower,which promotes natural enzymes that help break down pigmentation. 


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