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Ahmed Wadi: partnership with the Egyptian Food Bank represents an important step to provide our support to community in Egypt

Ahmed Wadi: partnership with the Egyptian Food Bank represents an important step to provide our support to community in Egypt.
Ahmed Wadi: partnership with the Egyptian Food Bank represents an important step to provide our support to community in Egypt

MoneyFellows, the first Egyptian mobile application, digitizing the concept of money circles (EL-Gam’eya), announced a new cooperation with the Egyptian Food Bank Corporation that aims to provide more than 650 food boxes for the neediest Egyptian families during the holy Ramadan, and this cooperation is the first step for the platform to implement its strategy with regard of its social role to support the Egyptian community

“We are so proud to cooperate with the Egyptian Food Bank to launch this great campaign in order to provide the food needs for those whom are unable of Egyptian families, and to boost the efforts of NGOs to achieve the principle of social solidarity, and this step is the beginning of the implementation of our activities in The CSR sector inside Egypt, which is an integral part of our primary mission within the Egyptian market” stated by Ahmed Wadi, CEO of MoneyFellows

Wadi said, “The platform has witnessed Unprecedented superiority with 100% growth of total business in the recent period, in addition of the total number of users of the platform reached one million users after it was 500,000 in October 2020, which represents a real achievement for the platform’s progress in Egypt, and it also gives us a big push to move steadily to achieve all our community programs


How users can participate in the money circles through “MoneyFellows”, Wadi said that the subscription is simply by downloading the application and register with the cellphone number and the e-mail, then the user can choose the required amount of the money circles, with appropriate receipt date, also the user could choose the payment and receipt methods of the money circles, adding to that all users must sign a legal agreement to guarantee their rights and the other participants rights

Wadi affirmed that the funds raising contribute of this success, as the company witnessed a remarkable expansion in major cities, such as in Delta and the Canal regions, and soon in other cities, and we were enabled to provide various services to our users and improve their experience generally, then we do implement our latest activities in the CSR sector. Through our partnership with the Egyptian Food Bank

Mohsen Sarhan, CEO of the Egyptian Food Bank, expressed his pleasure to cooperating with MoneyFellows, which is the first platform in Egypt and the Middle East that consolidates the idea of ​​social solidarity through it core business via effective programs implemented by charitable societies and institutions, which are on same line with the idea of ​​the Egyptian Food Bank Association and working to serve the community in order to supply our people with their needs, expressing his wishes to see many emerging companies follow the approach of MoneyFellows in its first step to participate in the roles of social responsibility

Sarhan added that all the activities of the Egyptian Food Bank are based on the donations that the food bank receives from all institutions and companies at all sizes throughout the year, especially in the holy month Ramadan, as well as the bank depends on individuals’ contributions, noting that the continuation of these donations enables the Egyptian Food Bank to Maximize and expand its activities to reach a huge number of beneficiaries around Egypt

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