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AWAL’s Liv Hanna released a new single, “Sign It on the Line,

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Back in March, singer-songwriter Liv Hanna released the single, “crazy,” which was met with much acclaim. “crazy” was her inaugural release with Sony’s AWAL. The songstress is already back with her new song, “Sign It on the Line.” “Sign It on the Line” is in line with Liv Hanna’s distinctive blend of Pop, Alt-Pop, Dark Pop, and Pop Rock. 

“Sign It on the Line” is a jarring, somber piece that surely will give listeners all the feels. It is a mental health anthem through and through, and it was released this month as a tribute to Mental Health Awareness Month. The single takes a poetic and vivid deep dive into the topic of suicide. “‘Sign it on the Line’ is about reaching that final straw and finally deciding to say goodbye,” Liv Hanna explains. The song is not meant to glorify or glamorize suicide. Its purpose is to examine and dissect the subject and surrounding circumstances, and give solace to listeners that are struggling. “It’s super graphic and depressing, but still written in an anthemic way,” Liv Hanna states.

Liv Hanna enlisted a familiar face, rising producer PJ McGinnis (responsible for the production of Liv Hanna’s record, “Back To Hell”), to produce the guitar-led instrumental for “Sign It on the Line.” Liv Hanna’s sentimental, evocative lyrics compounded with her powerful, soul-stirring vocals make “Sign It on the Line” a beautiful tearjerker.

Liv Hanna’s Biography: 

New York native Liv Hanna is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter, recording artist, and model. She is currently based in Miami, FL. The songbird carries a tool kit laden with emotional angst, fermented in Pop, Alt-Pop, Dark Pop, and Pop Rock sensibilities. Known for her expansive vocal range and clever, resonating songwriting, Liv Hanna has garnered attention from countless media outlets such as the Metropolitan Magazine, Rolling Stone IN, RTÉ, EARMILK, CelebMix, BroadwayWorld, and BuzzFeed. Liv Hanna’s latest release, “Sign It on the Line,” is her most daring and dramatic song yet, but also one of her most compelling and powerful songs. Liv Hanna still has a slew of singles slated to be released this year. Liv Hanna is well on her way to superstardom, and this year will prove that the limelight isn’t too bright for the rising star. 








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