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Demet Özdemir was caught on camera while leaving her ex-wife Oğuzhan Koç’s house

Demet Özdemir
Demet Özdemir

Actress Demet Ozdemir, divorced in a single session in the past weeksOguzhan KocHe was seen leaving his house.

Demet Özdemir, who drew attention with the papers in her hand, answered the questions of the journalists standing up.

He got married last August. Demet Ozdemir hot Oguzhan Koc While posing for love on social media, he surprisingly decided to leave.

The ex-spouses did not demand anything from each other in the case they attended with their lawyers in Büyükada.

After the hearing, which lasted 10 minutes, Koç, who left the courthouse separately, said, “We have made the necessary explanations, you know the necessary things. Thank you all.”

Özdemir, who came out five minutes after Oğuzhan, said, “Thank you friends, I will not make a statement. There is no need for all this noise.”

Finally, Demet Özdemir was at her ex-wife Oğuzhan Koç’s house in Levent yesterday. 

Özdemir, who was inside for two hours, said to the journalists who were waiting for him at the exit, “I had a few things left, I bought them. Do not ask what I bought, it is my private.”

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