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Exclusive interview with multi-awarded Beauty Queen Lenka Josefiova

Lenka Josefiova
Lenka Josefiova

Expedition Queen magazine cover Photo: Sarath Sharu @vmsarath Make-up: Andrei Cleofe Dress: @jadadamparisCrown: Mona Al Mansouri @almansourifashion2 Location: Caesars Bluewaters, Dubai

You are such a globetrotter & have explored so many countries. Which was the last country that you have visited? Can you tell us more about your trip?

My last trip was to Turkey. I didn’t travel anywhere for 1 year prior to this trip because of the pandemic, so I was so happy to be finally able to travel. I have decided to stay in Turkey for 3 months to have truly chance to explore this beautiful country..I have been travelling all over Turkey together with my beauty queen & travel blogger friend Lora Muratova.

I have been to Turkey so many times before, but I have never stayed here for so long. We have started my trip in Antalya, where we have visited several cities – Demre, Kalkan, Kas & Fethiye. After that we have travelled to Cappadocia.

This place is absolutely magical & have unique landscapes with fairy chimneys & with hundreds hot air balloons in the sky. To have hot air balloon flight here is like a dream!

I truly recommend to everyone to visit Cappadocia at least once in their life! I would recommend to stay absolutely minimum 1 week there, but if you have even more time, it’s better.

We felt in love with this place so much, that we spent almost 2 months there.. We have ended our Turkish adventures in Istanbul. It was truly such an unforgettable trip..

I came here for collaborations with many different resorts, villas, cave hotels, tour agencies, beauty salons, restaurants etc. & of course to create content for my Instagram & Tik Tok.

You can find me on both platforms under my nickname: @thetravellingbeautyqueen

Lenka Josefiova
Lenka Josefiova

Photographer: @bosphorusphotosessionDress: Interstyle FashionHair & make-up: Erol & Belgin KuaförLocation: Ortaköy, Istanbul

You have been face of so many amazing projects, brands & companies. One that particularly stood out for us is the project: Expedition Queen. Can you tell us a bit more about it? 

This new tourism project was idea of my manager Ivana Sojkova from Jay agency & we have just started it recently this month in May.

I am so happy to be on the first ever cover of Expedition Queen magazine May 2021. In next issue you can look forward for the interview with me as well. I am also honored to be named as Queen of Sustainable tourism.

At Expedition Queen magazine you will be able to read about travel, style & we offer you different vision.

Let’s go green is our new slogan. We need you to join us & protect our planet. I feel privileged that from so many beauty queens, that Ivana have been working with, I was chosen to be Face of this project.

And how the idea for this project came?

After many years in the environment of fashion, shows, beauty contests & international projects in the field of culture in various countries & continents, my manager has decided, that time has come for a new project, which she has decided to call: Expedition Queen. She chose this name because the main support in it will be exclusively Beauty Queens.

We are planning some exciting trips, where I can use my qualities as a beauty queen, model & TV presenter.

My manager have visited Maldives to start with this project & we are thinking to go there again..

The purpose of this project is to show travelling from a different perspective.

Ivana is building the whole project on professionalism. Expedition Queen will always pay close attention to high professionalism, quality & beauty at all times.

Lenka Josefiova
Lenka Josefiova

 Photographer: Emma Cheer – @cheerio_snapsDress: BalysahLocation: Riad BE Marrakech, Morocco 

What are your travel plans for the rest of the year 2021?

After Turkey I flew back to Dubai. I haven’t been there for 3 months, so it was time to go back there for some time.. I continued here with my tourism project, which I have started with my beauty queen friend Olya Popova: Explore UAE with Beauty Queens. 

I had several trips planned until the end of this year, I was invited for press trip to Romania with Romania tourism board, but unfortunately due to the current travel restrictions I wasn’t able to go there.. 

I am back in Turkey again. I really like this country. I finally managed to visit my dream place – Pamukkale & right now I am back to Istanbul & planning to visit some more places around Turkey & for sure I want to go again to Cappadocia as well.

. After Turkey I will go back to Dubai. I was invited for a special event with Czech tourism board at the Expo Dubai 2021.

I love collaborating with tourism boards around the world & help promoting their tourism.. 

At the end of the year I am planning to go to my home country Czechia for Christmas to visit my family, as I haven’t seen them since 2019 Christmas due to pandemic..

It’s not easy to travel right now, travel isn’t what it used to be, it requires so many documents & you always need to check many times before you travel, as travel restrictions are changing so quickly, so it’s very difficult to plan.. But for me as a travel blogger it’s important for me to travel. All my trips of course depends on the global situation.

Lenka Josefiova
Lenka Josefiova

Photographer: Ugur Sevinc @thrugursevincTour by: @iamcappadocia Location: Ortahisar, Cappadocia

Our magazine is Moroccan & I know that you have been to Morocco several times. That’s something what our readers will definitely love to hear about.. How did you like Morocco?

I have been to Morocco already 3 times. I really love the country.

Morocco is one of my favourite destinations to visit. I am deeply in love with their food & culture. Moroccan people are also one of the warmest & hospitable souls. First time I have visited Morocco for holidays in 2015.

I have travelled to Marrakech, Rabat & Ourika Valley. Then I was invited for the prestigious event – Tourism & Fashion festival Cas Art in Casablanca in Summer 2016 as a Guest of Honor along with Her Royal Highness Sheikha Noora Al-Khalifa from Bahrain.

I have received a special award for promoting the tourism of Morocco during the festival. It’s my pleasure to help to promote tourism in this beautiful country. Last time I have visited Morocco was in Summer 2019.

I was invited to Agadir as Guest of Honor for Agadir International Fashion Week & I was nominated for the award at the Orion Star Fashion & Beauty Awards, where I won Most Inspirational Fashion Star 2019. After the ceremony I visited Marrakech.

I truly love their authentic Moroccan Riads. During my next trip to Morocco I definitely want to visit the famous Blue City – Chefchaouen. It was always my dream to see this beautiful city. 

Lenka Josefiova
Lenka Josefiova

Photographer: @istanbulphotosessionDress: @alyabutikMake-up & hairstyle: @makeupmasterdoratiLocation: Istanbul, Turkey

Any new other interesting projects you are working on?

I am working with Tik Tok Arabia as part of their Tik Tok live academy. It’s very time taking, as I have to go live every day, but it’s also fun & I really enjoy it a lot & I believe that Tik Tok is such an amazing tool not only to for fun, but also to earn good money.

I have been spending lot of time on Tik Tok during the past 5 & half months & I am happy I was able to grow my account there to the current 71000 followers.

My goal is to reach 100 k soon & to further continue growing my account & creating interesting content. 

     At the future I am planning to launch my own online courses – The Travelling Beauty Queen academy in collaboration with SIMA academy.

My online courses will teach you how to create the life of your dreams using your social media’s, especially Instagram. If you are interested about how to become travel blogger, how to make great content, how to get hotels collaborations, paid collaborations etc.

then these courses are for you.. My friend Olya Popova will be my guest coach & she will teach you the art of photo editing. There will also be course on Tik Tok & Clubhouse.

Another project that I am working on is upcoming podcast about Sustainable tourism.

I feel that as a Queen of Tourism I feel the need to talk about it. I can’t be indifferent to how bad some people are behaving towards our planet, how we are wasting our sources.

Sustainable tourism is about not wasting. There are more projects I have in my mind, but first I need to finish the current outgoing ones.. My biggest dream was always to have my own Travel show.

I believe in the power of Universe, that I will achieve all my dreams & I want to inspire people to do the same..

Any last words you’d like to add for the Buzz magazine international?
     It was very nice having interview with you & to have your readers having a bit of glimpse into my life.. I wish all the best for the future to Buzz magazine International & I am looking forward to share more with your readers in the future.. 

Lenka Josefiova: 

Lenka Josefiova is a Czech-born luxury travel blogger, influencer, TV presenter, brand ambassador & a Beauty pageant title holder. She was crowned Miss European Tourism 2015, winning a crown over 43 contestants at the final in Malta.

She managed to win 23 international titles & awards during her career. Her most recent awards includes: Best Luxury Influencer of the year 2020 ( London ), She Inspires me award 2020 ( London ), WBA Forbes Best Tourism Blogger 2019 ( Cannes ), Best Travel Blogger 2019 ( Dubai ) & Most Inspirational Fashion Star 2019 ( Morocco ). 

Career Highlights: 

Prior and after Miss European Tourism 2015, Lenka Josefiova guested on multiple international TV shows as a guest.

Eventually, she was offered hosting stints including the Dubai World Cup 2014, Middle East Fashion Week 2014 & Dubai International Film Festival 2015 as a red carpet correspondent. She was also chosen as the official TV host of Bali Fashion Festival 2015 & even hosting stint at Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix 2016. 

     This multi-talented beauty queen signed up exclusive contracts with numerous international brands including Vero Milano Fashion, Deja vu, Bella Donna, Leo Almodal Haute Couture & much more as an Official brand ambassador. She was booked on several fashion magazines covers, editorials and fashion runways all over the Middle East region. 

     After winning Miss European Tourism 2015 title in Malta in October 2015, Lenka did a lot of international projects to promote tourism. She filmed documentary movies in Tunisia, Sfax & Island Djerba to promote tourism in Tunisia in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism of Tunisia. Later she was also invited as a special guest for Nefertiti International Fashion Festival 2016 held in Luxor in Egypt.

Lenka was invited by the ministry of Tourism of Egypt & fashion designer Mona Al Mansouri. Lenka’s passion for travelling & tourism continues as she launched her social media accounts under the catching nickname: The Travelling Beauty Queen.

The Queen of Tourism has collaborated with lot of tourism boards around the world to help to promote their tourism such as: Egypt, Tunisia, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Romania, Czech Republic & also Visit Dubai.

     Lenka has travelled to 59 countries & is currently based between Dubai & Turkey. After gaining fame on Instagram where she managed to reach over half million followers, she has recently started growing her Tik Tok account as well. 

     She has represented her country Czech Republic in lot of international beauty pageants & managed to almost always place in the top. From Miss Fashion TV Most Liked 2013 ( Cyprus ), to Supermodel International runner-up & Most Internet Popular 2013 ( Thailand ), No 1 Model of the World 2014 runner-up ( Germany ), New Star Model 2015 ( Korea ), Most Inspirational Beauty Queen 2016 ( Dubai ), World Super Model Most Popular 2017 ( China ), to the winner of Miss European Tourism 2015 ( Malta ) & many more..

 Lenka Josefiova
Miss European Tourism 2015
Best Travel Blogger 2019
WBA Best Tourism Blogger 2019
Most Inspirational Fashion Star 2019
Most Influential Tourism Star 2016
Most Inspirational Beauty Queen 2016

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