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Marrakesh and Dubai techpreneurs join forces for Artificial Intelligence, represented by AsiaTV studios

DATAI, Asia Africa Art Agency with Leon Gallery

In an exciting development for the tech and marketing landscape, DATAI promises to harness power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of marketing to make it less time, labour and capital intensive.

The brainchild of Moroccan entrepreneur Ms Amira Mawloud and Dubai-based businessman Mr Aasish Pai, DATAI is set to turn traditional marketing on its head and revolutionize the art, hospitality, and technology sectors worldwide.

Moroccan born Amira Mawloud has been recognized for her good reputation locally and abroad, as a woman in tech awardee, leveraging also on her professional marketing experiences in the likes of Accor Group.

Teaming up with Aasish Pai, a prominent figure in Dubai’s tech scene and Director of Altech Group of Companies, DATAI emerges as a pioneering force in reshaping marketing dynamics through cutting-edge AI solutions.

In a media briefing, Aasish Pai had said that their company is excited at the prospect of offering new tech solutions to Philippines and rest of Asia. “Asia and Africa present unique opportunities for AI-driven innovation, with its fast-paced growing economies and burgeoning tech landscape. DATAI is poised to harness these opportunities and lead the charge towards a smarter, more connected future,” Mr Pai remarked. Indeed, DATAI’s core mission revolves around leveraging AI to redefine marketing paradigms, catering to the evolving needs of businesses in all sectors.

“DATAI’s innovative AI solutions are not only adaptable but also scalable, making them applicable to businesses of all sizes and industries,” remarks Ms Mawloud. “Our technology empowers companies to harness the power of data-driven insights and enhance customer experiences, driving growth and sustainability in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.”

The tech duo commissioned global communications expert Regine Guevara from UNESCO ITI, who was recently awarded as IHRC Ambassador of Goodwill in Dubai, to handle its public relations for the last 3 months.

Since then, DATAI has tied up with big names in the world of hospitality, construction, tech and art, but the founders also plan to expand into other sectors this year.

With a relentless focus on data analysis, content adaptation, and enhancing customer experiences, DATAI aims to forge enduring partnerships while maximizing conversions and lead generation for its clients.

Alongside their passion for AI, both Ms Mawloud and Mr Pai also volunteered to pledge a commitment to corporate social responsibility, through the Global South Academy which works closely with artists from countries like the Morocco and Philippines, in line with the 50th Golden anniversary in 2024.

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