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Ramadan Restaurant Offerings

Ramadan Restaurant Offerings
Ramadan Restaurant Offerings



Your Ramadan just got a lot sweeter

Sugargram, is bringing Dubai’s favourite bite size cupcakes to Iftar &Suhoor with delish Ramadan flavours

Also back by popular demand is the limited edition candy gram that sold out during Valentines day – this time with a Ramadan spin

That’s not all, this Ramadan, Sugargram is sending mouth cookies and mega cakes fresh outta itty bitty cupcake city

Anyone with a sweet craving can simply log into Chatfood or Deliveroo and the sweets will be delivered straight to your doorstep!

Ramadan bite size cupcakes
Ramadan bite size cupcakes

:Ramadan bite size cupcakes

Made with classic Ramadan flavours in mind Sugargram cupcakes are a perfect addition to any Iftar and Suhoor table with seasonal favorites like Saffron, Date, Coffee, Vimto &Karak Chai

This year indulge in Saffron & Vanilla flavouredCharlize Saffron; both flavours in perfect harmony with each other, your basic instinct will be to go for more

Satisfy that sweet tooth with the decadence of Date Moss, a homage to Kate Moss, an icon wherever she goes

Bring it home with the delightfully classic Anna Vimtour, a refreshingly different, unmistakable Vimto Ramadan treat

Pamper yourself with strong and aromatic Black Chaina, a fully flavouredKarak Chai cupcakes and Love, Rosie a cool rose cupcake with a surprising Nutella filling

The Sugargram Ramadan boxes are priced at AED 125 for 25 bite-size cupcakes
The Sugargram Ramadan boxes are priced at AED 125 for 25 bite-size cupcakes

The Sugargram Ramadan boxes are priced at AED 125 for 25 bite-size cupcakes and AED 30 for 5 bite-size cupcakes

The box of 25 cupcakes comes with a choice of two Ramadan sleeves, one in English and the other in Arabic

:Ramadan Cookies

Started from the cupcake now it’s cookies! Sugargram’s new assorted cookies are a delight for eyes that will serve your taste buds in the sweetest manner possible

With the signature pink box of 8 cookies, this cookie caddy is the best way to celebrate this Ramadan and satisfy all your sweet cravings

The perfect gift to not show up empty handed to Iftar or Suhoor

:Now that’s what we call friend-chip goals! The delicious cookies include

ChocochipCooki B
ChocochipCooki B
  1. ChocochipCooki B: Filled with gooey, oozy pockets of molten chocolate, Sugargram uses chocolate chunks, rather than chips, which increases the ratio of chocolate to cookie dough to more than satisfying proportions.
  2. FunfettyWap: Want to add a splash of colour to your life? The Funfetticookies are soft, chewy, colourful and a treat for the eyes as well as the belly!
  3. Brownye west: If you ever struggle to choose between a warm cookie or a rich chocolate brownie the Brownyecookie you will give you the best of both worlds, there will be no need to make such a difficult decision ever again!
  4. RiRi Velvet: They say red is the colour of confidence, our Red Velvet cookie will leave you confident that you are a classified cookie-holic after trying it.
  5. KendrikLaS’more: Made with fresh and fluffy marshmallows combined with decadent chocolate with a toasted marshmallow top the S’more cookie is a true match for your midday hankering.
  6. Twopacs Double Chocolate: Finally, no cookie line-up would be complete without a little something special for all the chocolate lovers out there, and the Double Chocolate cookie will not disappoint in satisfying the sweetest of cravings.

:Ramadan Candygram

Back by popular demand, the candy cuties in itty bitty cupcake city have put together a box of iconic ramadan candy, in a box of 16 assorted candy cubes

The handmade jellies that sold out over valentines have been given a bit of a makeover with a special selection of ramadanflavores candy like vimto, saffron, mango all in cutesy shapes like the iconic Dallah or a traditional constellation of stars

Priced at AED 150 this is another limited edition candy gram drop that no sweet thing will want to miss

Ramadan Mega Cakes
Ramadan Mega Cakes

:Ramadan Mega Cakes

Sugargram has knocked it out of the park this year with extraordinary Mega Cakes including the “Chocolate Balr”and “Killa Vanilla” cakes filled with a fun surprise that will make it the center of attention at any Ramadan gathering

Sugargram’s Cookie Papi boxes are loaded up with fun cookies that include an assortment of ChocochipCooki ,FunfetyWap, Brownie west, RiRi Velvet and Twopacs Double Chocolate flavour cookies

The Sugargram Mega Cakes are priced at AED 225. Flavours include: Chocolate Balr and Killa Vanilla

:Find Sugargram


Orders: ChatFood and Deliveroo

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