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The Sun was declining in the west
With crimson hues scattered throughout the horizon
Like a painted canvas
Or a panoramic splendor
A panorama of life thus gliding slowly and stealthily
The yellow leaves falling
The rustling of green leaves with joy
And the fragrance of flowers
The weird twilight grew into a veiled night so mysterious
With light and shade.

I was in my study.

Then my beloved wife with three children of tender age and myself
were in solem -prayer.
The front gate- light not lit up then.

All on a sudden, Someone knocking at the door
with a shriek
My beloved withdrew herself and shrunken with fright
She peeped at the window panes
An uncanny shadow appeared with a thud
And entering into my bedroom
We were wrapped in a shroud of mystery and fear
The lizard on the wall shedding tears
The pussy shrinking in a corner.

The lights were out
I tried to light on
But total disruption.

She hid her children wrapped up in a quilt
We were petrified and dismayed.
Staring at us with a diabolical rage .

The night was dark and deep
We two appealed with folded hands
and prayed to God.

Gradually the dark shadow disappeared with a violent thud screaming.
By Jove !
A frightening and weird situation indeed !
Again the lights on but dim and faint.
We spent the sleepless night for dawn…

Copyrights reserved@ KALIPADA GHOSH, WB, INDIA.

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